Why the Preston Street area needs an eastbound Queensway onramp

The Preston Street area has grown by leaps and bounds over the last 10 years. Sakto’s Preston Street Complex alone, houses more than 2,500 residents and office workers per day. Our parking garage is nearing its 1,000-vehicle capacity. And there’s no end to the growth in sight. The Little Italy area is slated to add more than 2,000 condo units in the coming years.

Something needs to be done.

Traffic on Preston Street and its side streets has become a major nuisance during peak hours. Vehicles wishing to access the Queensway eastbound are forced to meander through the Glebe to access the closest access ramp at Metcalfe near the Canal, some 15 blocks away.

I strongly believe the consideration of an eastbound on-ramp near Bronson will help alleviate some of this traffic and reduce the congestion that plagues the Little Italy, Carling and Bronson area streets. With the support of the BIA we need to lobby the office of Ontario’s Ministry of Transportation, the governing body of the Queensway 417. The faster vehicles can get on the Queensway, the less traffic local streets will have to endure.

Preston Street continues to grow at a meteoric pace with no signs of slowing down. The Ontario Government needs to consider adding some additional infrastructure to minimize what is already a significant problem in our local area streets.