Getting off the starting blocks for the novice developer

Are you thinking about a career in development? Here is a list of the most important considerations for a development by a the novice developer.

  • Stick to geographic area and types of development product with which you are familiar.
  • Don’t think too big. Your first project must be within your financial realm and completed in a reasonable amount of time.
  • Do your homework. Know if there are any holes in the market place and how best to plug them.
  • During the feasibility stage, keep your investment in the project low, allowing you the maximum amount of flexibility.
  • Follow up on every aspect of the project.
  • If you promise something, deliver.

Real estate development requires many skills and talents in order to succeed. IT does not matter how prepared a developer may be, events happen over the course of project and the developer must be able to react appropriately in order to achieve success.