The Canadian Tulip Festival

This year’s Tulip Festival has particularly special meaning. It was 70 years ago that Canadian troops liberated the Netherlands from Germany. Most of the tulips we enjoy during the festival are gifts from the Dutch as recognition of Canada’s unwavering commitment to their country and royal family during the war.

Tulips can be seen all over the city, though some of the most impressive displays can be found around Dow’s Lake, at Commissioners Park. The park’s proximity to Preston Square allows those working in the area to explore the festival during their breaks. Of course, that’s a far cry from the cold lunch-hour skates they enjoyed just months ago.

aa440-Tulip-Festival-11When you take in the festival, be sure to admire the “The Man With Two Hats” statue which faces Dow’s Lake. A Dutch artist was commissioned to make two of these statues as gifts to Canada. The twin stands in Apeldoorn, Netherlands, adjacent the Het Loo palace.

If the sun is out in full force, don’t forget to protect yourself and stay hydrated while enjoying the tulips!

Photo: Tulip Festival 11 (“The Man With Two Hats” statue at Dow’s Lake) uploaded to Flickr by aa440.